[Transverse] | Modern Build

Intro Hey guys, Willy here with another awesome build 😀 This build is a modern mansion by 3D on PMC. Exterior The exterior is pretty nice 😉 I don’t really know what else to say about exterior  xD Interior The interior is very amazing and different from other modern builds. All of 3D’s builds have different furnishing and I think …

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[HouseBCray] | Modern Build

Intro      Hey guys, Willy here and I am bringing to you guys a nice Modern/Minimal house by Jibeef on PMC 😀 I suggest everyone to go check out his PMC profile because he has a lot more awesome content on there 🙂 Exterior I absolutely love the exterior of the house! 😀 There’s nothing really to say about …

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[Afloat] | Modern Build

     Intro      Hey guys! 😀 Here is a good modern/minimal house by Willy on PMC 🙂 This is a small house containing all the essentials of Suburban living. You would find one of these houses in the rich suburbs of New York or possibly  LA.   Interior The interior of this house contains a Very Small Kitchen, …

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Modern Home | Very Comfortable

Here is a new modern home built by RaakHeavy. This home really has it all, more then what is seen by looking at the front. Exterior This 2 story house is the common practice for newer Hollywood modern home. Although there is quite a bit exposed area. Such as balconies, fenced in yard, furniture, and more. The only thing missing that …

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Modern Little Mansion House

This modern house was created by Akatsuki69. Its a beautiful little home with hopes of becoming big someday! It packs all the fun toys into a small package! Exterior The exterior reminds me of an industrial look as if you were to turn your office space into your home. Its very well done! Your given a nice hedge and beautiful concrete …

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