“Rectangle Carré” Collab with MunjoStyle

Check out the build on PlanetMinecraft! Click it.


This is a very realistic looking modern home by tecno_ which was a collab with MunjoStyle.



The exterior is very good. I like the green and orange shapes on the actual home but also the patio at the back is nice. It includes a pool, sitting areas and a table. All those things are good features to this build. On the top of the green shape it has windows on the roof to allow some natural light inside.



The interior is very good. I like how everything fits in nice and easy. It shows that its compact and cozy. Tecno_ and MunjoStyle included the green and orange inside the build also, for example the mats etc.


Summing up this build is that this build is very good and the realism is well done!


Have you checked this build on PlanetMinecraft yet? Click it.

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