Realistic Family House


This is a replica of my real life house, it has two floors, a garage and some other exciting features you can discover on your own. Being in Minecraft, I could not recreate every detail precisely, but as with other recreations of real buildings, I tried my best and the result is very apparent. If the download link does not …

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Minecraft: Modern House / Best Small Modern House 2016 ( HD )


► This video will show you Minecraft Modern House Best Minecraft Small Modern House 2016 ✔ Please do leave a some love and support for our new awesome builder Manu___ ❤ ✪ The video to see it all! ► Check Out My Other Awesome Minecraft Videos! ✔ My Minecraft Lets Build Series! ✔ My Minecraft Build Tour Series! ✔ …

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Modern Mountain House 2

Modern Mountain House 2 Minecraft building ideas home easy download

Here is a hill top modern home. The interior isn’t furnished so you can decorate all you want with your own style. Outside has a nice huge swimming pool for you and your guests. Built by: ZulkarThedrummer440 Screenshots Additional Credits: Loading...

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The Walls Modern House

The Walls Modern House Minecraft building ideas download save flows hd

Here is a new modern house with a fun design and plenty of living space. There are plenty of hidden secrets scattered around so be sure to explore everything. The texture pack is Flows HD. Built by: DrMew and dudelo Loading...

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Brick Suburban House

Brick Suburban House Minecraft building ideas home amazing beautiful country

This is a suburban house made mostly of brick. It has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The backyard includes a trampoline, shed, and wooden deck. The garage is accessible from the backyard. Please leave feedback and suggestions. (I used the default textures and SEUS v10.1 shaders for this build) Built …

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The Tainka Residence

The Tainka Residence Minecraft house home download save water lake

This is an all brick, modern and private residence in the middle of a taiga biome built by MDRN. Screenshots Additional Credits: Loading...

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Modern Starter Home

Modern starter home by BlueBerryBear house minecraft download save complete done

I was building a museum for BlueCity (the building you see in the back of the 3rd screenshot) when I was thinking just how big it was. I have been building this museum for a while now and I can’t think of new stuff. So I decided to take a break from the museum and make a tiny starter home. It …

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Trascend Modern House

Trascend Modern House minecraftr inspiration mansion huge home download

Here is a modern mansion built by makapuchii. This house has many features including: Multiple Pools / Ponds Covered Breezeways Full tennis court Piano Room 2 Story Fireplaces and more! built by: makapuchii   Loading...

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Aspen | A Modern Conceptual House

Aspen - A modern conceptual house built by MCE minecraft building expert idea

Hey guys, today I’m here with a new modern home created by me, MCE. This home took about 2 days to complete and it contains the following: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a pool, 1 kitchen, 3 living rooms and a garage. The purpose of this build was to test out a mix between Modern and Traditional. *This home was built …

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Large Suburban House

Large Suburban House minecraft building amazing idea download

Hello! Welcome to the second part of this little series of houses that I apparently made on the same single player world. This large suburban house that has 7 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, ( I know that it says 3 on the front sign, but there is 4). One great room, one kitchen, one dining room, two computer areas, a …

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Sandstone Mansion

sandstone mansion minecraft building ideas download plaza fancy huge amazing

Here is a mansion I made out of mostly sandstone. There is heaps of work to do on the interior of the build but i will leave that up to the downloader if they’re up for it. This was just a speed build so its a bit rough on the inside. Sorry to all the people that enjoy my work …

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Traditional House

Traditional House brick country minecraft building ideas download

Hope you like this traditional house. Feel free to download it and leave a comment! The let’s build to this house is on my youtube channel which you can check out here: I do let’s builds and plays of minecraft and soon other games aswell 🙂 Loading...

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The Dogme Home

The Dogme minecraft modern house home pool download minimalistic

The first part of a series of elegant, timeless, stylish, minimalistic and extremely contemporary buildings. The Dogme is an enormous beach villa located next to the beautiful ocean in the backyard and the dense and private forest in front. The house features two bedrooms, a kitchen, a pool room and two big living rooms. The backyard of the villa is …

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