2-Story House with Basketball court!

Hello fellow minecrafters,

I am excited to share my first upload with you – a beautifully crafted 2-storey house. This design is based on the houses found in my local area and features a variety of amenities.

Inside, you’ll find 2 storage rooms, a garage, a kitchen, and a bedroom. Outside, there’s a basketball court and garden beds for your enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy this map and I would appreciate any feedback, keeping in mind that it’s my first upload.

Thank you for your support, Patster


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    1. Up a few comments above he said it may be FlowsHD but he deleted the world and cannot remember what the texture back is

  1. Hey, can you please make a tutorial on how to make this? I don’t have Minecraft, but a fake version instead that is pretty much the same so I don’t have the ability to download the house.

  2. I really love this style I am a beginner minecrafter so I might as well be honest i know NOTHING about this game. I know how to build some pretty good houses though. Thanks for sharing this and i will attempt to build this for myself and my friends I play with.

  3. Hi I have tones of questions for u dude:
    1-Does it have a basement?
    2-Does it have a big backyard?
    3-What relm is it in?
    4-Is there a lot of animals around?
    5-If I play Survival, would there be mobs that would spawn around my house?
    6-Can u edit the house?

    The reason that I have SO much questions is because I play Minecraft with my Cousins Bri and Donovon and my friend Derek PS I am a pro at minecraft

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