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     Hey guys, Willy here and I am bringing to you guys a nice Modern/Minimal house by Jibeef on PMC 😀 I suggest everyone to go check out his PMC profile because he has a lot more awesome content on there 🙂


I absolutely love the exterior of the house! 😀 There’s nothing really to say about it, just good exterior xD 😀

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The interior by Jibeef is very nice and modern. I only have the pictures  for the living area, bedroom, and kitchen, but I assuming that he built a bathroom also 😛

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The landscaping is beautiful and fits in perfectly with everything. It contains of a couple outdoor lounge areas, a pool area, and a nice garden with water. The landscaping is my favorite part 🙂

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Avery Scott

Make a tutorial

brevin smith

can i buy one


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