Sandstone Mansion

Here is a mansion I made out of mostly sandstone. There is heaps of work to do on the interior of the build but i will leave that up to the downloader if they’re up for it. This was just a speed build so its a bit rough on the inside. Sorry to all the people that enjoy my work i’ve had not been in the mood the last month for good time consuming builds.

built by: Jar9

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  1. I think i am an idiot.  Can someone tell me how to open the schematic file? I can download the compressed file, I hit extract all files, but nothing will open on my computer.  any help is really appreciated!

  2. strongwings02 You use an addon called World Edit. Just google it. :)  There are a few tutorials about how to load the schematic, and where to put it after you get the addon installed.

  3. I’m sorry but I’m totally new to minecraft but I really wanted to download this house…. Could anyone please tell me how to do so?

  4. wich download should choose the download sandstone mansion or the download sandstone mansion schematic

  5. Hey guys, gees theres allot of questions.
    So, since no one seems to be answering them at all, i will.

    For this sandstone mansion, there are no blueprints sadly. You could do what i did, load the schematic in a single player world and print it there. From that point, you scout it out and look at every graphic feature. Now get the pencil, and draw it to the best of your capablities with numbers for how many block are each side and curve. Since there are multiple floors…. and we can only draw 2d (if you can do a 3d one, great!) You are going to need to label each blueprint you made as “floor 1, floor 2, floor 3, etc, etc.)
    You could even blueprint it in parts. Like have the pool and tennis court and garage and the road part with the house as separate blueprints. I would describe my blueprints to you, or take a picture and post it here but uhm, minecraft had stopped working for me right before i could ever get the blueprints done.

    To open the schematic folder, you need to download a add on named world edit. And what that dose, is help load this “mod.” After downloading the add on, you need to then make sure the schematic folder is in the right folder. .minecraft folder. Once its placed there (if it wasnt there before) you then go into optic minecraft. Now, when you play, you should be able to hit the ” – ” button on the number key pad, and a schematic menu will pop up. Mess with a few of the number key pad buttons, as i dont remember what they all do.

    The only way to put this build into a server that has NO printing, is to go into optic like normal, load the schematic, then build it. You cannot print it, youll get banned trust me. And they will remove the build *sigh* It is a big job, youll need allot of sand, anout 8 dubs. Youll need 8 dubs of quarts. And maybe about.. 2 dubs of red bricks. The rest, well your gonna need leaves, cobble stone, different varieties of dirt anout a half dub each, and if your doing this over the water, about 8 dubs of dirt. Or more. This is just a estimate as i only supplied the builders of my mansion project anout 2/3 of the supplies actually needed. They had the rest on them… and they were good at getting everything ready beforehand. Oh yea you are also going to need slabs if you are doing this at an elevasted height, youll need 8 dubs. That elevates it by a good 4 blocks so no one can jump onto it.

    I do not recongize the testure pack, but i can tell you this build looks good in default texture too.

    You need to choose the download sandstone schematic. The other one is the random castle in the pictures that was used for references.

    This isnt a avaible feature on pocket edition world. Only pc minecraft (minecraft on le computer) can do this amazing feature. To understand how to download, reference to the top second paragraph i wrote.

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