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Minecraft 10×10 Modern House Tutorial

This video will teach you How To Build A Minecraft 10×10 Modern House in Minecraft (Easy To Follow) ! Hope you guys liked this plot house tutorial and get some cool creative building ideas off of it ❤ ▶ Texture Pack – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cL0g1nENJQ 🔴 Other EPIC Series I Show On YT ⍈ Minecraft Plot sized Tutorials ⍈ Minecraft Build Tour …

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Brick Suburban House

This is a suburban house made mostly of brick. It has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms, as well as a kitchen, dining room, and living room. The backyard includes a trampoline, shed, and wooden deck. The garage is accessible from the backyard. Please leave feedback and suggestions. (I used the default textures and SEUS v10.1 shaders for this build) Built …

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Hustin Manor

The builder kenofox I built this in 4 hours because I felt like it. It really isn’t a much of a big post, but I thought it looked nice. So I bring this build to you. This is a sort of in between renaissance and gothic inspired mixed themed manor. This build is rather compact I think, could be improved quite …

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Modern Cliffside House

Built by EvilMuffin253 Introduction: This is his second modern house build, on this build I decided to spice things up a little by building on a cliffside! I hope you liked the added shaders mod! If you would like to see more content from me be sure to check out my YouTube channel Ed Builds for Minecraft speedbuilds, cinematics and more! …

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Medieval House on Island

Check out this sweet little house built by Negrinho97 This Medieval House is sitting perfectly on a little island. Both interior and exterior are 100 percent complete as well as your landscaping and decor! This is definitely one of the more complete builds I’ve seen for a while. More below!

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Tranquility | A Modern Cliffside Home

Some words from the builder NinamanOfficial Hey guys! Ninaman here bringing you a modern build! This is a modern cliffside house build on the World of Keralis server. It is a collab with two friends of mine Andra and Tecno_. The house was built in about 30 or so hours of work spread out over about a month. This is a 4 …

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