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Here is a new modern home built by RaakHeavy. This home really has it all, more then what is seen by looking at the front.


This 2 story house is the common practice for newer Hollywood modern home. Although there is quite a bit exposed area. Such as balconies, fenced in yard, furniture, and more. The only thing missing that I can think of is a fireplace and garden! Though you don’t really need a garden with all that land by your place. Think it would of looked nice though. One last thing to mention which you don’t see in to many minecraft house builds, it has a GARAGE!


Very open and bight interior. Plenty of windows to watch creepers come by and to check if a storm is coming in. It’s very well furnished with photos, plants, and furniture. Heck you even have your own fish tank with an octopus! Not to many people in this world can say they have a live octopus in their house!

All in all this is a very nice house. Might be a little tougher to build but it can be done!


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  1. Tyler Steinhilber

    Will the blueprints be available at all? I really love this house and would like to re-create it in my own world .. Thanks

  2. I think I saw something similar that in a TV show

  3. How do we build this house? What materials do we use?

  4. What version of Minecraft did you use

  5. you should have a tutorial video

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