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Minecraft Wooden House

Here is a simple yet elegant wood house built by NightWolf. Be sure to check out the screenshots below. If your wonder the designer used the texture pack Modern HD. This is a complete house with fully functional yard. If your a fan of hardwood this is your house! He didn’t go crazy with angles as its pretty square house yet he pulled it off well. The small little offsets really make it standout.

House Features

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Breakfast and Dinning Table
  • Office
  • Bathroom
  • Hidden Room
  • Living Room
  • Outside Pool /  Hot Tub
  • Grill
  • Outside patio
  • Automatic Lights for side pool and outer layer of the yard

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  1. This is the house I want in my world. I tried to DL the schematic, but it wouldn’t open. What app do I need to read it? Please advise. Awesome job by the way!!!

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