Cozy 2 Story Brick House

Here is an prime example of a typical brick house you would see in the real world. Simple yet a beautiful design. RayDrazon11 has created this in survival mode, so all the bricks are 100% legit.


As stated above the outside is a old 2 story stone house. Created with cobblestone and brick. Of course glass and wood also. Its got a very nice deep porch to keep you try, its the type you always picture grandma on with her rocking chair knitting something. One thing unique about this house are the windows. Lets just say they’re NOT small. Everyone loves large windows.

The only improvements I could see needed is something to do with the back and sides of the house. They are just to square. Could easily be fixed my shades over the windows or a nice big covered deck off the back.


Inside the first thing you’ll notice is everything looks a little crowed. As if they tried to stuff way to much in the rooms. This maybe some peoples style but I like simple and easy. It does have a bathroom, kitchen, basement, dinning room, and a living room.

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