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[HouseBCray] | Modern Build

Intro      Hey guys, Willy here and I am bringing to you guys a nice Modern/Minimal house by Jibeef on PMC 😀 I suggest everyone to go check out his PMC profile because he has a lot more awesome content on there 🙂 Exterior I absolutely love the exterior …

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[Afloat] | Modern Build

     Intro      Hey guys! 😀 Here is a good modern/minimal house by Willy on PMC 🙂 This is a small house containing all the essentials of Suburban living. You would find one of these houses in the rich suburbs of New York or possibly  LA.   Interior …

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Cozy 2 Story Brick House

Here is an prime example of a typical brick house you would see in the real world. Simple yet a beautiful design. RayDrazon11 has created this in survival mode, so all the bricks are 100% legit. Exterior As stated above the outside is a old 2 story stone house. Created …

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Modern Home | Very Comfortable

Here is a new modern home built by RaakHeavy. This home really has it all, more then what is seen by looking at the front. Exterior This 2 story house is the common practice for newer Hollywood modern home. Although there is quite a bit exposed area. Such as balconies, fenced …

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Modern Little Mansion House

This modern house was created by Akatsuki69. Its a beautiful little home with hopes of becoming big someday! It packs all the fun toys into a small package! Exterior The exterior reminds me of an industrial look as if you were to turn your office space into your home. Its very …

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