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Brickston Manor

The builder: Aminoque Lore Brickston Manor is an isolated government estate specifically made for a safety escape during sieges, or related situations. The Manor is inaccessible without air boats, boats, or air balloons and cannot be traveled to by carts or average human because of the location. The supplies are scarce …

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Traditional Brick House

This brick house was built by NightWolf. Plenty of room to roam around! Very well thought out! And some nice hidden gems! This House Features: 2 Bedrooms 1 Master bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Pool table Storage Pool living room Library Squid Tank And more! Some unique features are the spiral stair case …

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Cozy 2 Story Brick House

Here is an prime example of a typical brick house you would see in the real world. Simple yet a beautiful design. RayDrazon11 has created this in survival mode, so all the bricks are 100% legit. Exterior As stated above the outside is a old 2 story stone house. Created …

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